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The Book of Caleb

Caleb knew he would follow the teachings and the love of the Lord soon after he gave John the basket full of bread and fish. Later he came to realize that this man named John was very close to the Messiah, the One they called Jesus. Like his father, Caleb was a simple fisherman, having the skills taught to him as he worked on the Sea of Galilee. However, his father taught him more than fishing during the times in the boat. He could hear the Love of the Lord from his father as he spoke to him about the Father’s Word, and the ways of the Son. After the accident on the Sea of Galilee that took his father home to the Lord, Caleb at the age of seventeen started dreaming of the Messiah. He would wake to his mother and younger brother watching over him waiting to hear more of his dreams. As he explained how Jesus offered him the Crown of Thorns he realized he was being given a great journey, and he could feel through the love of the Father that he would receive help during this journey that would take him far from his home of Bethsaida in search of the Crown.

Space Gamble – Volume 1: Perils

Operator Kennith J Furgis is a thirty five year old heavy set black male. He was born and raised in the wealthy section of Chicago where he followed his friend Justin Drake into the service of the Western Empires space fleet. After countless cooperate wars, the Earth was divided into numerous empires before the last two remaining empires struggled for Earth and the solar system. Kennith Furgis watched the conflict through the Western Empires side. He also watched his own personal conflict unfold while serving the empire. After his close friend Justin Drake, a forty two year old white male and now captain of the Western Empires famous heavy cruiser SS Hammerhead introduced him to Raynor, his personal troubles grew. Raynor is a beautiful full figured black woman around the same age as Kennith Furgis, and their attraction for each other caused trouble from the start. Kennith Furgis’s feelings for Raynor was strong, strong enough to ignore the signs of future trouble and a wedding was performed. Soon after the conflict on Mars escalated and the planet which was nick named Big Red held the attention of both Empires. The Western Empire was interested in a free Mars with potential for trade and colony establishments, while the Eastern Empire wanted to rule with an iron fist. Raynor Furgis grew compassionate about the freedom of Big Red, causing a conflict in her marriage and Western Empire career. After a bloody war, and troubles of her own with her career, Raynor Furgis decided to assist with rebuilding the society on Big Red. Raynor Furgis left her husband and career behind taking with her Kennith Furgis’s unborn son, Samuel Lafayette Furgis. Kennith Furgis left the Western Empires space fleet after witnessing the attention of both empires aggression grow towards each other as the newly discovered Mortelis ore was found. This ore was used to quickly disperse human kind throughout the solar 

Space Gamble – Volume 3: Messiah

Captain Donald Murray is a sixty-nine-year-old black male and the Captain of the SS King David. Captain Murray was born and raised in California and studied at numerous colleges before entering into the Western Empire’s space fleet. He was recruited by the Terran Tribune to explore deep space through the command of their newest science vessel. The only requirement Donald Murray insisted on was that he choose his own senior staff. The Terran Tribune agreed, provided that their new vessel was accompanied by a squad of marines, with the Solar Council’s approval. After several deep space missions, Captain Murray received new orders: Explore the unknown on the other side of the worm hole designated WH-12. However, Captain Murray decided to stop at the well-known wagering station Neptune One for some rest and relaxation before proceeding with his orders. His interest in the Mech fights and Grav Ball games grew over the years. He also granted his First Officer, Commander Hui Yan Li’s request for shore leave. The young Chinese woman was anxious to visit her twin sister Pastor Huiling Li before starting a mission that could last a lifetime. The patrons of Neptune One grew excited as Donald Murray announced the mission and intent of the Terran Tribune; they continued to grow more excited as he explained the garbled communications from the previous stealth droids that entered the wormhole and the presence of another habitable planet on the other side. Operator Kennith Jackson Furgis, sole proprietor of the wagering station Neptune One watched as the SS King David slowly moved away from his station to embark on their journey into the unknown. He wondered how it felt to become the first captain to explore beyond their own solar system.

Space Gamble – Volume 2: War

After years of debating in hearings, the Terran Tribune has assigned Marshall Scoop the task of arresting Acela Vega for the murder of the Gambler. Operator Furgis and his senior staff will not allow Marshall Scoop to remove Acela Vega from Neptune One as a declaration of independence is issued severing political ties with the Terran Tribune. Dr. Gerlitz’s secret Mortelis based weapons research requires the Terran Tribune to use tact in their efforts as they slowly lose control of Earth. Samuel Furgis is working with his father to learn the wagering business and the politics required to operate a large station. Sam Furgis’s hopes of a normal life grow as he watched his father and mother renew their vows under the open glass of the Delphi dome. He also looked forward to his love interest arriving on the station, already aware his mother was not pleased that a member of his ex-mars gang was arriving. Operator Furgis grew concerned with his son’s mafia connection known as the Mars Confederacy, Security Supervisor Stykes attempt at hiding Sam’s involvement failed. Governor Bob Davis, a short and obese Irish man is promoted to Neptune One’s Ambassador as Operator Furgis establishes his stations independence with the help of the Western Empire. Operator Furgis attempts to maintain Neptune One as an entertainment facility with the help of his senior staff and his wife. The wagers are placed as the Grav ball match’s and the Armor Warrior match’s are offered to all wager’s in hopes of maintaining the station position as an adult entertainment destination. Tabitha Drake grows closer to the final championship as she battles in her Mech fighter. Each win brings her closer to fighting the Mech fighter champion Noyami Masoko, call sign, the sword. Dr. Gerlitz’s weapons research creates conflicts between the two empires. Both Empires believe the weapons should be used in their own interests and after a sneak attack by the Eastern Empire the entire solar system

Space Gamble – Volume 3: Tribulations

Operator Furgis is critically injured while inspecting the Mortelis refit of the ships drafted into the new Western fleet. As Dr. Avers works to save his life, Sam finds a vid recording of the logs his father recorded during his younger years before Neptune One. As Sam initiates the recording through the vid com, his consciousness is pulled into the recording, he soon realizes that he has become his father through the vid com. While his father battles for his life, Sam cannot resist reliving the early years of his father. His love and empathy grows stronger towards his father as he witnesses firsthand the struggles of young Kennith Furgis, the troubles of a young teenager that was coerced into the Western Empires space fleet. Sam learns of the day his father first noticed his mother Raynor Caso during boot camp through his first assignment with Commander Drake. Sam now understands the meaning of family through his father’s eyes as he meets the different individuals that now are strong in his life, and understands the Tribulations his father and close friends have experienced.


Plague of the Zombie Girl

After leaving the Computer Forum and Councilman Fevers, Ethan knew he was assigned an impossible mission. To bring the first natural blooded girl from the safe compounds of Old England halfway across the world to Dr. Claments in New Vegas with hopes of finding the cure to the estrogen plague the Gorn gene has caused would be suicide. He knew however the importance of finding the cure to the plague that turned every woman in the world into a man-eating zombie was an extremely vital mission. It’s been a long time since he wondered how it was when humans were born from a natural woman instead of artificially conceived in a birthing chamber. He also realized there were others that knew of the importance and value of this precious cargo he and his crew were asked to protect and deliver to the one person that could complete the cure. He turned his thoughts from the way it was long before he was born into a world where woman devoured men, and focused on the voice of his artificial first officer informing him through his wristband that his anticipated game of chance has started. Poker always was his favorite diversion from the responsibilities the gory world he lives in demands of him.

ESPer Wars

Years after the ESPer Wars devastated the Earth, mankind moved out into the galaxy, terraforming and colonizing new worlds to advance the civilization of all humans. Soon the Presidium was formed as the ruling government, which established laws against any type of mind power that could start another war. After the ESPers tried ruling the normals from the first war on Earth, paranoia took over, and the Presidium formed the Enforcers. Lasko left the Enforcers to establish a mercenary business for salvage with the assistance of the Guild, until his wife developed a cure that could control the remaining ESPers that followed mankind to the stars. Now with two small children that have ESPer power, Lasko struggles to free his wife from the Guild while protecting the children, the only hope of survival humankind has left.

Atomic Ocean

Devastating radioactive fallout rained down on the Earth, leaving not one area untouched except the depths of her oceans. The citizens of Ocean One, along with their sister colonies Ocean Two and Ocean Three, now have the technology to rid Mother Earth of the radioactivity that plagues lands and keeps humans from thriving on the surface as their ancestors once did. Now it is up to Commander Knight and the crew of the most sophisticated submarine ever imagined using this technology and healing the Earth. However the Trident brings her crew into unknown waters and lands with both known enemies of Ocean One and new ones to defeat so these Purifiers can rid the Earth of her sickness. Until she is healed the Earth itself can be a deadly enemy Commander Knight must face. Radioactive weather and creatures never imagined will assist an unknown enemy determined to make the Earth more radioactive so complete control, including the control of all oceans, can be achieved with little effort. Commander Knight must prevail.

Atomic Landfall

Firestorms! Red and black lightning, along with mechanical, mutant, and human foes are only some of the threats Commander Samuel Jackson Knight must face in this new environment. The challenge of finding a new crew to deal with new and old enemies is overwhelming, however Commander Knight is aware if he does not complete the task of repairing the Purifier then Mother Earth may never heal from the wounds inflicted by his ancestors. Thoughts of his old crew and of his son mingle with thoughts of what is beyond the wastelands. He now must trust his military training and experience and push forward through this unfamiliar and dangerous environment. Still, the thought of never seeing his son again weighs heavy on him. The loss of Josh’s mother left scars on Sam’s young son, and with the memory of this pain Sam could feel the motivation once again growing in his legs. He grinned as he took another step forward into the unknown danger, knowing some unseen force gave him strength.

About the Author

J. W. DeLorie was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is the author of the “Space Gamble” series and now uses his knowledge and love of the Lord to bring to life realistic characters that live during the times of the New Testament. These realistic characters are revealed in detail, the interaction of each character pulls the reader further into the story with excitement and intrigue. He leaves the reader with thought, imagination, and wonder as the journey of Caleb and his friends is followed with each turn of the page.

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